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Our whole-child approach to early learning and development is based on recent research in education and human development as well as the work of well-known early childhood theorists from around the world. This knowledge helps our qualified educators and teachers create environments that help children learn and grow in the best ways possible. Your child is considered to be a confident and capable member of our learning community. We recognise and respond to their individual learning styles and their ability to help them and others learn. We support each child’s individual learning style and make sure that your child’s learning journey is unique.

We have an open door policy and welcome you to visit our centre to learn more about our amazing educators, facilities curriculum and more. 

Our centre proudly offers a Kindergarden Preschool Programs to ensure your child is supported for their transition to school every step of the way. With a focus on language, literacy, numeracy, social skills and more, our early childhood education programs will help your child become school ready.

Guthrie Street Child Care Centre

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Guthrie Early Learning Centre is a premier childcare centre in Shepparton, offering a nurturing and stimulating environment for children to grow, learn and play. As an early learning childcare centre, they provide a comprehensive educational program that supports children’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. The Guthrie childcare centre is committed to providing quality childcare services to families in Shepparton and the surrounding areas. With experienced and qualified educators, state-of-the-art facilities and resources, and a focus on child-centred learning, the Guthrie Street Kindergarten is the ideal place for your child to develop, explore and thrive. Trust Guthrie Street Childcare Centre to provide your child with the best start in life.

Guthrie Street Child Care

Ready to Enrol?

If you like what you hear about Guthrie Early Learning Centre and want your child to start learning with us, we’d love to have you. Our Enrolments team will guide you through the enrolment process and support you with the related government childcare assistance options including CRN’s, Child Care Subsidy, enrolment documents and immunisation requirements.

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For tour and enrolment help, please call 03 58211711 or click on the Enrolment information tile below and our team will call you back immediately. (We are available between 8.30am and 5.30pm)

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Guthrie Street Child Care


Your child will develop healthy eating habits that will set them up for making smart eating decisions for the rest of their lives.

Guthrie Street Child Care

Why Choose Us?

So glad you asked! We’re so much more than just a learning centre. We’re a place to learn, make friends, explore the world, and get ready for school. Our curriculum and extras, which are part of your child’s day every single day, make us stand out.

Guthrie Street Child Care

Enrolment Information

Our options for enrolling help families by giving them the security of ongoing bookings and the ability to change when they need extra care.